Message from
the CEO

In 2014, Whirlpool Latin America carried out the greatest number of launches of its history, offering clients innovative products with sustainable attributes. We are a team constantly challenging ourselves to obtain outstanding results, focusing on sustainability, innovation, people, and operational excellence.

João Carlos Brega

CEO of Whirlpool Latin America

We stand out due to our investments in research and innovation, always aiming at detecting and meeting our consumers’ desires. This was already recognized by the media and several institutions. We made important steps towards open innovation, through partnerships with universities and other organizations, exchanging knowledge and incorporating others’ experiences, in order to contribute to foster innovation in Brazil.

Over the two recent years, we invested R$27.5 million in projects aimed at sustainability and social responsibility — the latter through the Instituto Consulado da Mulher (Women’s Consulate Institute). The notably results we obtained make us very proud, such as zeroing out industrial waste produced by all factories previously sent to landfills. We also turned careful attention to water consumption indicators in our operations and, currently, 25% of water used in factories is sustainably obtained through rainwater harvest and effluent treatment projects.

We were recognized for the fourth time as one the most sustainable companies in Brazil by 2014 Guia de Sustentabilidade (Sustainability Guide), the most reputable survey about sustainability development in Brazil. Our focus on talents is also consistently acknowledged by the market. For the 18th consecutive year, we are among the best companies to work for, according to Guia Você S/A. These achievements also have a positive impact on our work environment. The 2014 Employee Engagement survey, with Whirlpool’s personnel and executives of all regions, got to one of the best results in our history, which was considered above the best-in-class companies results.

Whirlpool Latin America reinforces its commitment to the UN’s Global Compact by participating in the Comitê Brasileiro do Pacto Global (CBPG) [Global Compact Local Network Steering Committee in Brazil] and undertaking initiatives on human rights, labor rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption practices. With these topics in mind, we prioritize the Company’s sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, which produced the 2013–2014 results disclosed in this report, following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.